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Product Assembly

We are able to quote assembly of our compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs , double torsion springs, drawbar springs, magazine springs or flat springs with your manufactured or out-sourced components. Patrick has been meeting the needs of our customers since 1984 and was founded on the principle of "dedication to the customer". Coupled with heavy investment in state-of-the-art CNC spring coiling equipment and a continual emphasis on quality, Patrick has attracted the best craftspeople in the trade. Patrick has over 55 coilers and numerous support equipment producing millions of springs for OEM’s and contract manufacturers around the world. We have a reputation for manufacturing the widest variety and most challenging of designs.

Assembly examples:

  • Installing grips on flat forms or spring legs
  • Installing handle fasteners to extension springs
  • Manufacturing the spring leg onto a screw machine parts
  • Looping a d-ring onto the loop of a spring
  • Installing custom rubber onto handle
  • Integrating vinyl tubing on legs of extension springs or torsion springs
  • Performing further forming
  • Threading two springs together creating an adjustable extension spring

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